Jewelry Exchange & Loans FAQ for Pleasant Hill Coin & Jewelry Exchange

Welcome to our jewelry exchange & loans FAQ section of our website that covers that most frequently asked questions that our jewelers receive from customers & clients regarding jewelry, watches, loans, and coins.

Selling to Coin & Fine Jewelry Exchange

What is the process of selling my jewelry or coins to PHCJE?

Bring in the items that you would like to convert to cash and we will evaluate them for you on the spot. This service is free and easy with no obligation to sell. If you are satisfied with the offer, you will be asked to provide valid government-issued ID and a right thumbprint.

Do I need an appointment?

No, just come in and one of our professional sales associates will assist you.

How long does an evaluation take?

Not long at all depending on how much you have to be evaluated. Our evaluations are private and done right in front of you.

Can I get a quote over the telephone?

We do not offer quotes over the telephone as we need to see your merchandise to be sure of its value.

How do I know if my jewelry is costume or real?

Most jewelry made of gold, silver, or platinum is hallmarked. Some common hallmarks on jewelry include:

† Older jewelry may not carry a hallmark.
10k 10 karat gold
14k 14 karat gold
18k 18 karat gold
.375 9 karat gold (35.5% gold in the metal mix)
.417 10k karat gold
.585 14 karat gold (58.5% gold in the metal mix)
.750 18 karat gold (75% gold in the metal mix)
925 Sterling Silver
.925 Sterling Silver (92.5% silver in the metal mix)
PLAT Platinum (at least 95% platinum in the metal mix)
Pt950 Platinum mix (95% platinum)
Pt1000 Platinum (pure)
1000pt Platinum (pure)
1000 Plat Platinum (pure)

Jewelry that is plated may not carry a hallmark and does not have enough valuable metal content for us to purchase.

If you are convinced that you have an item that is made of gold, silver, or platinum, but cannot find a hallmark and wish to sell it to us, we are able to perform an acid test to ascertain its metal value. This may leave a small scratch on the back of your item so we will not do this test unless you give your approval.

How do you put a price on my jewelry?

Typically we do a mathematical equation based on your jewelry’s weight and purity. If there are stones incorporated with your jewelry we will take those into consideration before making you an offer.

Why is my jewelry valued so much lower than what I paid for it retail?

At times our offer may be significantly lower than the retail market price because retail jewelry tends to be severely overpriced. We are the instant cash market and generally pay much closer to the actual value of the metal and gemstones that make up your piece of jewelry. We also take into consideration what is in demand in our resale market and base our buying price on whether or not we will be able to resell the item. Jewelry is an investment and you should always be careful to buy pieces that are genuine (Refer to our answer to: “How do I know if my jewelry is costume or real?”). Most costume jewelry is plated and has little to no value in the resale market.

If I sell on behalf of my family estate, can you make a check payable to the estate?

Yes, we have been dealing with estate sales for 25 years and understand that there may be extra steps for us to go through in order to complete this type of transaction. We would be glad to help you and your family out during the sometimes difficult division of a loved one’s estate.

If I am just curious to see what my jewelry or coins are worth, do I have to pay for my evaluation?

All evaluations are free and there is no obligation for you to sell. Remember: We are evaluating your item based on what we would be willing to pay for it at that time.

Do you do evaluations for insurance purchases?

No, we do NOT offer insurance evaluations.

If I want to shop around my belongings to see if I can get a better price will you still honor your offer when I return?

Offers are only good the day they are given due to the rapidly changing metals market.

I’m thinking about selling my belongings online, do you recommend I do that?

All consumers must make their own decision about what is best for them. There are a number of reasons why we believe we are a better option for selling online, including we pay instant cash, we are fully licensed and evaluate your item right in front of you. Our transparent, legal, professional way of conducting business should give you peace of mind. Why wait for an unknown amount on a check coming through the mail when you could sell your item to us today, legally, at a high price for instant cash?

Do you pay cash?


Borrowing from Coin & Jewelry Exchange

What is a “Pawn Shop” exactly?

Pawn Shops loan money based on the collateral value of goods, in our case, jewelry and coins. The loan is usually short-term (in California, the term is 4 months, with a grace period). At the end of this term, when the borrower repays the loan with interest, the collateral goods are returned to the borrower. If the borrower chooses to not repay the loan and interest (default), the goods become the property of the Pawn Shop. The Pawn Shop then needs to sell the goods in order to pay off the loan.

How much can I get on loan for my merchandise?

The amount we loan you will depend on the quality of your merchandise. We will need to see your items to evaluate them and make you an offer for a loan amount.

What do I need to provide if I want a loan?

Valid government-issued ID and right thumbprint.

How long are PHCJE loans?

4 months as per California state law.

How many times do I need to make a payment?

The loan contract holder only needs to make one payment per loan. Anytime during the loan contract, you can pay the principal plus the interest to end the contract and retrieve your items out of loan, or just pay the interest at the end of the contract to roll your items into a new four-month contract.

What if I can’t pay at the end of the contract?

You can make a small interest payment and roll the principle into a new 4-month contract. If you are unable to make any payments, you will forfeit your right to the property and PHCJE will take ownership of your pledged goods.

Will a loan affect my credit?

We do not check your credit, nor do we report to any credit reporting agencies. This is because we are accepting your collateral as our “guarantee” for the money we loan you. If you do not make your payments as per your contract, we will keep your items in pawn but there will be no impact on your credit rating.

Are loans confidential?

All business conducted with PHCJE is private and confidential, although we do report to the local Police Department on all loans and buys, as per our legal obligation.

Can my husband and I take a loan out together?

No, there may only be one legal contract holder.

Are my belongings safe with you?

Yes, over 25 years of doing business with thousands of satisfied customers mean that we protect your belongings as though they are our own.

Are you insured?


Buying from Coin & Jewelry Exchange

What do you sell?

At Pleasant Hill Coin & Jewelry Exchange we sell a wide range of fine jewelry not limited to gold and platinum rings, including diamond engagement and wedding rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, men’s jewelry, high-end watches, and a diverse array of numismatic and bullion coins.

Why are your jewelry sales prices so inexpensive?

We are a part of the instant cash market and pay much closer to the item’s true value based on what the metal and stones that make up the item trade for on the commodities market. We pass that savings on to our customers.

How can I be sure that I am not buying stolen goods?

Pleasant Hill Coin & Jewelry Exchange (“PHCJE”) is fully licensed by the State and Federal governments and follow very strict guidelines for buying and loaning on jewelry and coins. As part of our legal obligations, all people selling or pawning to us must provide a government-issued ID and a right thumbprint, which is recorded on a buy or loan slip. Every day these slips are sent to our local police departments, where they can be reviewed by the PD to ensure no listed stolen goods have been sold or pawned at our locations. Additionally, all jewelry items that we buy go into a 30-day police hold and are not available to be sold during this period so that the police have an opportunity to check the National Crime Information Computer (NCIC). If you have your jewelry stolen, it is best to report the crime to your local police department.

You can be assured that PHCJE is strictly regulated and we take great pride in our professional, transparent, efficient way of conducting business and excellent reputation in the Bay Area.

If I want to buy jewelry from you can I make payments?

Yes, we offer layaway.


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